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Charlie Chaplin

Male, Black & White (long haired)


Mr. Charlie Chaplin is full of personality! He has this complaining type of meow that will make you smile, cause he likes to talk a lot. He loves to nap on your lap or on the desk while you work. He will sleep with you at night and greet you with nose kisses/love bites when your alarm goes off in the morning. He is very food driven! So watch out if you set food down and walk away...cause half of it might be gone when you return! He is very smart and with the combo of a food drive, he could be taught to do tricks. Charlie is a sweetheart and once you hold all that fluffy goodness you won't want to put him down.

Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and on monthly flea treatment.
Pairing Suggestion - Victoria
Date of Birth - August

Last Updated

November 9, 2021

Charlie Chaplin
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