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Male, Brown Tabby


Indy is a pure adventurer! Named after the famous Indiana Jones! He was the first one out of the crate when I brought him home, and since then he's been the first at everything. He has an energetic, loving personality. He always comes to great me and loves a good head scratch in return. Indy and Rocky love to wrestle and chase each other. He needs lots of engaging toys to keep him entertained and would really love a cat tower. Indy makes this very unique and cute sound, almost like a pigeon, when he is interested or intrigued by something. And he really appreciates a clean litter box. Not even a minute after it's been cleaned he will come use it. He's a free spirit and gets along with everyone; humans and dogs. I envision Indy to grow up and be more of that cat-dog personality.

Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, and on Frontline.
Date of Birth - April 9, 2021

Last Updated

September 17, 2021

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