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Male, Black


Koopa is a handsome, caring gentleman. He loves to cuddle and be held, sunbathe, and sleep in a tiny curled ball. He does a great job taking care of and watching the younger foster kittens. Koopa is easy-going, mellow, and not bothered by much. Koopa also thrives on forehead kisses - so make sure to greet him with a good morning and good night forehead kiss!

Koopa is a dynamic duo with his sister, Princess Peach - they must be adopted together. But who wouldn't want two amazing mini panthers in their household?!

Pairing Suggestion - Princess Peach
Date of Birth - 9/12/2021
Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and on monthly flea treatment. Fostered with cats and dogs.

Last Updated

November 13, 2022

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