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Female, Black & White (long haired)


Victoria is full of personality and makes a wonderful companion. She's very talkative, loves to nap belly up on your lap, and bask in the rays of sunshine. Most cats don't like to be on their backs, but you can hold Victoria like a baby and rock her to sleep in your arms.

She loves to hang out with you and will follow you if you leave to another no potty breaks alone! Victoria loves to nap on my desk while I work, usually on my calendar so I can't see what the days tasks are. She will cuddle and sleep in bed with you at night.

Just like her brother Charlie Chaplin, she is very food driven! So, watch out if you set food down and walk away...cause half of it might be gone when you return! She also has a strong prey certain toys that are more lifelike will make her growl and play like she just captured something!

Victoria has these amazing long white whiskers against her black face. They are longer than normal and have this curl that reminds me of a wild west cowboy mustache! Victoria is a true treasure and once you hold all that fluffy goodness you won't want to put her down.

Pairing Suggestion - Oona (sibling) / Date of Birth - August
Spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and on monthly flea treatment. Fostered with cats and dogs.

Last Updated

December 6, 2021

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